Is school only about textbooks? Any good educational institution with a wholesome worldview would disagree. Books that are used to teach are complemented by books for leisure and that give joy. The child’s first window to the world is often a book. He or she learns colours, shapes, understands animals and birds, places and things from the first books they read. Books mould a child’s interests, passions and worldview, so early readers have a head start.

Granth’s curated collection of children’s books are popular with teachers, parents and children. So here’s what we do for schools.

School Library

An integral part of the school eco-system, a good library often defines and elevates a school’s learning system. Granth’s acumen in the world of children’s publishing shines here, with its ability to curate school libraries by age-groups and reading/learning curves. We offer the best of a selection of categories of age-suitable reading within specified budgets. Schools who wish to avail of our services may call us on 022 26609327/37 to take this forward. Granth will also undertake to refresh the library catalogue, by keeping the school abreast of the newest and the latest releases for children.

School Exhibitions or Book Fests

An exhibition is an interactive exercise. For the child, the exhibition experience will allow him or her to exercise a choice and pick reading that will interest them. The child’s learning ability is refreshed by reading that’s enjoyable so mythology, history, fiction, bedtime stories, workbooks, etc. are part of our exhibition packages. A book fest offers an excellent environment for the child to explore his or her own reading interests and make independent choices so that the reading habit is cultivated early.

Granth Gift Vouchers

How better to reward and award a child’s performance but with a book of the child’s choosing? Granth Gift Vouchers are perfect as prizes or awards and gifts for children. Available in denominations of INR 100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, and 10,000, these gift vouchers can be purchased according to budget or requirement.

School Catalogue for Supplementary Readers

Supplementary readers are an important slice of the school curriculum. Granth offers a good selection of books based on theme, content and level of reading.

Library for Teachers

In today’s highly informed world, it’s important for teachers to keep abreast of the happenings in all walks of life, be it technology, child development, teaching methodology, et al. Granth can create a section specially curated for teachers within the school library.

Gift a Book

Pick a book to gift from Granth’s rich and extensive catalogue. Pick according to price and occasion, so that your gift is thoughtful and cherished by the receiver.