since 1999

Welcome to Granth Book Store

Granth is a story of passion. Of a passion for books and to create a comfortable and cosy space where a book-lover can spend hours browsing and selecting what he or she likes, in an atmosphere of complete serenity. The bookstore is your getaway from the rushed stress of the everyday world, where you can come to unwind and choose books that will excite you.

Granth is the brainchild of a select few who are doyens of the book trade, founders of Shree Book Centre, Mumbai, who understand books and reading. They have, from this love and passion, created that perfect experience of a contemporary bookstore.

Curation – DNA of Granth

Book purchases are made easily online. Or are they? Many books cannot be judged from what you see of their images online. Yes, today, the online offers you the scope of reading a page or two before making the purchase. However, this can never compare to the touch-and-feel experience. The look and feel of a new book, its concept, the cover design, and how it feels in your hands. Buying a good book is an immersive experience. The adage not to judge a book by its cover holds true always.

A happy book purchase is made while browsing, turning the pages, and getting a feel of the book… It is a personal experience. This understanding is at the core of the DNA of the Granth bookstore, steeped as its founders are in the book trade.

Books are a labour of passion, its retail is a labour of passion as well, as is the reading. Offering you this experience born from the love of books, Granth has created an environment offering an excellent selection, with knowledgeable and experienced staff at hand to help always.

While curating this selection, Granth also seeks to go a mile further, offering books that are specifically chosen keeping the customer base in mind. The store then is proud to host books that other stores hesitate to give shelf space to.

Specialised and expensive collections are also carefully curated and imported from various publishers worldwide, which make for good gifting, or can be treasures for your own personal collection as well.

Our Stores

Signature store at Juhu, by the beach

The Granth signature store at Juhu is the bibliophile’s dream. Anyone who loves books can lose themselves in the variety on display here. Overlooking the Juhu Tara Road, the store is just around the corner from the ocean, an unbeatable setting indeed. Step in, and you will find the good vibes enveloping you with positivity.

A pure book store in the truest sense of the term, Granth does not distract from its core offerings with merchandise or even stationary. The store, which was established two decades ago, has been well-designed as a space that everyone will love—children, teens, and adults. The exciting welcoming ambience is meant to host the new-gen reader. Book lovers will find the Granth book store intellectually stimulating in an artistic manner.

Granth is a rare store in Mumbai to give shelf space to books that are collectibles. Coffee Table books and some rare books are also on offer for the discerning book buyer.

Walk in and you will find the space warm and welcoming, enveloping you in its ambience of perfect silence. Shelves of wonderfully curated volumes call out to your reading taste. Clearly labelled bookshelves aid easy browsing, and you can choose from Fiction, Literary Classics, Non fiction, Management, Business, Investment & Finance, Biographies, Self help, Art, Photography, Interiors, Gardening, Performing Arts, Music, India and Indian culture, as well as eclectic subjects like Occult, Spirituality and more. You can pick from an array of magazines that offer you reading on Lifestyle, Reference ,Travel or Cooking, and more. The book-loving team at Granth is always at hand to offer information and suggestions, as well as options, or just help you pick specific authors or titles.

The store is designed to offer cosy nooks with reader-friendly areas, seating that overlooks the Juhu Tara Road, as well as a podium section for enjoyable book readings, book launches, and the performing arts.

The high point of the store is the special Kids’ Section with a well-stocked range that invites the Kindle generation to return to the printed world. Children will find the colourful and appealing display of books attractive.

Granth understands its readers and holds their trust. Its constant endeavour is to give more to the book store experience. And to ensure that the experience is exciting round the year, special events and celebrations are part of the Granth calendar.

For Mumbaikars, Granth is a place to unwind, where they can head to and have a fulfilling experience, time and again. For visitors to the city, Granth is a tourist attraction unparalleled. It is the go-to store for celebrities as well.

Granth @JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu

Situated 1.2 kms from the flagship store, this branch is an in-house store in JW Marriot at Juhu-Santacruz. The selection of books here includes bestsellers and popular titles to cater to guests and visitors. The books here are specially chosen for leisure reading, as collector’s editions, and for gifting.