The Death of Archie: A Life Celebrated

By Paul Kupperberg
Category : Fiction / Comics
Type : Paperback
Pages : 112

The Unthinkable happens in Riverdale, as everyone's favorite redhead makes the ultimate sacrifice to save a friend - living out his final moments as a shining example of heroism. Join Betty & Veronica, Jughead, Reggie, Kevin Keller and the rest of the Archie gang to experience the story that's captured the world's attention, the last days of Archie Andrews and the celebration of his life that follows. Experience the end and celebrate all that's come before with The Death of Archie: A Life Celebrated, a deluxe presentation of one of the most acclaimed and talked-about events in the history of Archie Comics.

Mythology Notecards

By Jim Tierney
Category : Gifting / Hobbies
Type : Box Set

Adapted from Jim Tierney's iconic illustrations created exclusively for the 75th anniversary edition of Edith Hamilton's Mythology, these full-color cards with 5 unique designs allow you to send epic correspondence from thank - you to birthday wishes - to friends and family near and far. This set includes 20 full-color blank cards and 20 blank envelopes.

Nature`s Best Remedies

By Tieraona Low Dog
Category : Non Fiction / Health
Type : Hardback
Pages : 320

"From soup (flavorful fennel soup) to nuts (homemade nut butters), this authoritative, richly illustrated guide brings the delicious flavors and guiding wisdom of nature into your daily life. In these inspiring pages, you'll find:

  • Natural remedies for common health complaints
  • Gentle treatments for everyday conditions
  • 52 of the most effective medicinal herbs
  • Familiar spices and their medicinal powers
  • Insight into essential oils and aromatherapy
  • More than 30 food choices to boost wellness
  • Helpful hints on natural housecleaning
  • 27 recipes for bringing natural flavors into your everyday menu.

Plus quick tips and fascinating facts that reveal how fresh foods, healing herbs, healthful spices, essential oils, and natural housecleaning products help shape a lifestyle in harmony with the natural world."

Mind: A Scientific Guide to

By Patricia Daniels
Category : Non Fiction / Popular Science
Type : Hardback
Pages : 304

"What is the mind? What's personality? Are they the same as my brain? How much of who I am was already shaped before I was born? Or has my experience made me who I am? Join National Geographic on a complex journey through human consciousness as we address these questions and more about the mind, the self, identity, personality, and psychology, Case studies, laboratory experiments, years-long research, personal anecdotes, and far-reaching hypotheses unlock a fascinating portrait of the many factors that are the keys to the self. But this book begins and ends at the most interesting place of all: YOU! Filled with colorful illustrations, cartoons, and graphics, as well as quizzes to help you explore the ins and outs of your own personality, National Geographic Mind will shine a new light on what it means to be human."

The Times World Cup Moments

By Richard Whitehead
Category : Non Fiction / Sports
Type : Hardback
Pages : 224

Pairing epic sports photography with articles from The Times and The Sunday Times archive, this volume brings together 100 of the most iconic moments from World Cup history. From Geoff Hurst's did-it-or-didn't-it-cross-the-line goal in 1966 to Zidane's shameful farewell in 2006, these split-second moments have changed the course of World Cup history and generated a global sensation along the way. Featuring the greatest goals, most historic line-ups, heroic players and unforgettable controversies, The Times World Cup Moments tells the story of the world's largest single sporting event as it unfolded on-and off-the pitch.

Spiders: The Ultimate Predators

By Stephen Dalton
Category : Non Fiction / Reference
Type : Hardback
Pages : 208

Their success lies in the astonishing array of techniques they have evolved for catching prey: building webs, jumping, chasing, ambushing, spitting, fishing and camouflage. Often mistakenly categorised as insects, spiders have eight legs as opposed to six, and do not go through a larval or pupal stage. No matter where we are, there is likely to be at least one spider within a few feet of us and we are privileged to share the planet with about 40,000 species of these remarkable animals. Full of breathtaking photographs, some documenting never before seen spider behaviour, Spiders: The Ultimate Predators is the ideal guide to these fascinating creatures.

Sherlock: Over 80 Stories Featuring the Greatest Detective of All Time

By Otto Penzler
Category : Fiction / Literature
Type : Hardback
Pages : 922

"83 stories featuring the legendary detective: In 1887, Arthur Conan Doyle put pen to paper and created a legend. Today, Sherlock's tall, hawk-nosed figure, deerstalker hat and pipe are instantly recognizable in every corner of the globe. The great detective has spawned a literature of his own, inspiring more than 25,000 stories, books and articles over the last hundred years. Here, for the first time, the best and most brilliant are collected. Sherlock includes tales from Stephen King, A. A. Milne, P. G. Wodehouse, Neil Gaiman, Kingsley Amis, Anne Perry and of course Sir Arthur Conan Doyle."

The Ultimate Compendium of Jack the Ripper

By Otto Penzler
Category : Fiction / Literature
Type : Hardback
Pages : 1008

The predatory ritual, the escalating savagery of the crimes, the grisly trophies taken from his victims' bodies, the games played with his pursuers, the cannibalism: Jack the Ripper's reign of terror in London's East End during the autumn of 1888 casts a long shadow. Many have murdered more, but few have killed so brutally and none have forged such an enduring legend. For a century and a quarter the Ripper's crimes have appalled and fascinated in equal measure, inspiring over one hundred theories about this prototypical serial killer's identity and spawning thousands of works of fiction. This collection is the ultimate exploration of the Ripper legend.