Booklover's Experience

Millions of ideas, billions of emotions – a wonderful collection of books. I feel that whenever I want to know, understand, experience, explore or just need an insight, there is a book with exact perspective which fills in my inquisitiveness. Books are written wisdom waiting for me to read.

One pleasant evening while strolling down the streets of Juhu, Mumbai, I came across an unusual book store which sits atop a shop. Welcome to GRANTH – a place which is instrumental in satiating and enriching your reading. Whether you are a bibliophile or a beginner, you are at the right place. With a cozy décor and a fabulous in-store café, the crisp and befitting interiors of white with black, a bird caged coffee bar, soothing music playing in the background add to the welcoming and holding ambience. These are enough to make sure that you visit the place again and again.

After an action–packed, tiring day, GRANTH, the stylish bookstore at Tara Road, Juhu provided me with an impressive collection that covers everything – from art, poetry and philosophy to mythology. It has a range of fiction, non-fiction including coffee table books, books for children and illustrations. I found the collection contemporary, eclectic, well organized especially when the amiable staff members are ready to help you out even with your oddest requests.

As I climbed up the black, brown and white stair way which is so innovatively decorated with the highlights of the place, I was automatically transported into a whole new world of wisdom, GRANTH – a trendy yet European style store. An extra strong cuppa cappuccino while you relax with a book of your choice was all that I needed at that moment. The within- reach bookshelves with a comfortable stool provided in each alley helped me to sit and explore each nook and corner of this vast sea of books.

Mumbaikars are fortunate enough to have a place like GRANTH – where they can unwind and rejuvenate themselves. Endeavors like GRANTH will surely inculcate and bring back the much needed reading habit among the Genext. Hoping to see more of GRANTHS across the country and even abroad.

- By Vandana Pathak