Fun@work need not be all games. They could be opportunities for employees to indulge in something they love, like books and reading. A perfect employee is one whose domain expertise is unquestioned, and whose worldview is enlightened. In today’s rushed times, the advantage of a book as a stress-buster, a leisure activity and one that stimulates thinking, cannot be emphasised enough. Besides, domain-specific reading from experts can add to employee knowledge. For example, books on management, positive thinking, success stories, biographies, etc can make for inspiring reading. Reading is indeed a win-win activity for all, opening a door to the world.

Granth understands this need perfectly. So here’s are corporate plans that have been tailored specifically as Employee Connects.


Granth’s special curators can help any corporate or organisation set up their own library, according to their vision. Connect with us to give us your specifications. You could tell us the kind of reading that you wish to offer your employees and your budget for the same. Granth will design and fill up your library space with that perfect mix of reading you wish to host, optimising your resources to give you a rich collection that will make you proud.


Create excitement at the workplace with a Granth Exhibition. The Granth team will offer to your employees, after an assessment of your requirement, a wholesome choice of books that would benefit them and their families. Be it business, skill-building or self-help, Granth will specially curate a range that will appeal to the office segment. A selection of picks for children will add to the excitement, bringing to your employees, choices of gifts they can take home.

Granth Gift Vouchers

While hosting events, offering prizes or marking milestones, pick from the Granth Gift voucher and open up a world of choices for the recipient. The vouchers are available in denominations of INR 100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, and 10,000 and can be purchased on requirement according to the budget. Call us on +91 9372941412 for further details.

Gift a Book

Gift a book and you gift more than just an object—you gift an experience. The magic of the written word, the magic of the picture on paper, these are unmatchable. Pick from our range of specialised books that will make for perfect gifts. Call us on +91 9372941412 to help us curate these for you.