The Annotated Godfather

By Jenny M Jones
Category : Non Fiction / Performing Arts
Type : Hardback
Pages : 264

"Celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Godfather, and including an all new foreword by Francis Ford Coppola, this authorized, annotated, and fully illustrated edition of the complete, unedited screenplay includes all the little-known facts, behind-the-scenes intrigue and first-person reflections from cast and crew members on the making of this landmark film. In this annotated and illustrated edition of the complete original screenplay, nearly every scene is examined and dissected, including:

  • Fascinating commentary on technical details about the filming and shooting locations
  • Tales from the set, including arguments, accidents, and anecdotes
  • Profiles of the actors and stories of how they were cast
  • Deleted scenes that never made the final cut, and the goofs and gaffes that did And much more.

The New Yorker Encyclopedia of Cartoons (Vol 1 & 2 - A to Z)

By David Remnick
Category : Non Fiction / humour
Type : Pack
Pages : 1516

"10 DECADES OF NEW YORKER CARTOONS! The most insanely ingenious-or ingeniously insane-collection of New Yorker cartoons published in book form! An A-to-Z collection of the magazine's cartoons from the 1920s to the present. 3,000 cartoons organized into more than 300 categories of recurring New Yorker themes- Adam & Eve, banana peels, desert islands, lion tamers, snowmen, Saint Peter, the Grim Reaper, and dogs vs. cats, of course. Insightful commentary throughout that puts the categories into context-both historic and humorous. Perfect for anyone looking for some humor in the human condition ... or who has simply wondered why those desert islands keep getting smaller."

Before Marilyn

By Astrid Franse
Category : Non Fiction / Performing Arts
Type : Hardback
Pages : 240

"Before Marilyn tells the story of Marilyn Monroe's modeling career, during which time she was signed to the famous Blue Book Agency in Hollywood. The head of the agency, Miss Emmeline Snively, saw potential in the young woman and kept detailed records and correspondence throughout their professional relationship and beyond. On the day of Monroe's funeral, Snively gave an interview from her office, talking about the girl she had discovered, before announcing - rather dramatically - that she was closing the lid on her Marilyn Monroe archive that day - to 'lock it away forever'. This archive was purchased by Astrid Franse and, together with bestselling Marilyn Monroe biographer Michelle Morgan, they draw on this collection of never-before-seen documents, letters and much, much more. Before Marilyn explores an aspect of Monroe's life that has never been fully revealed - by charting almost every modeling job she did, and illustrating the text with rare and unpublished photographs of the young model and her mentor."


By Sue Quinn
Category : Non Fiction / Cookery
Type : Hardback
Pages : 256

"Chocolate has fascinated and seduced us for over 5,000 years. At once nostalgic, a balm for heartache, and a symbol of desire, it is revered in literature, is a cornerstone of family celebrations, and has played a unique role in the stories of women and slavery. In Cocoa, Sue Quinn delves into the history and culture of chocolate, from the spiced drinks sipped by the elite in ancient Mesoamerica to the artisan bars spiked with intriguing flavours we devour today. Through 80 tantalizing sweet and savoury recipes, she inspires us to enjoy chocolate in both new and traditional ways and to celebrate its exotic power over us."

Powered by Porsche: The Alternative Race Cars

By Roy Smith
Category : Non Fiction / Reference
Type : Hardback
Pages : 466
  • The first detailed study of other racing marques that used Porsche engines
  • 800 photographs, many previously unpublished
  • Sets out the pedigree of Porsche engines, starting with the ingenuity of Dr Ferdinand Porsche
  • Includes anecdotes and interviews with many of the major players
  • Details every significant Porsche-powered alternative sports racing car, from Glockler to Daytona Prototype
  • Key input from Porsche men Norbert Singer, Hans Merger, Jurgen Barth, Valentin Schaeffer
  • Extensive previously unseen archive information from the history of over 70 marques
  • Covers the impact of Porsche engines on racing cars, rally cars, even powerboats and aircraft
  • Demonstrates the influence Porsche engines have had on every decade from 1950 to 2010
  • Will appeal to all enthusiasts of Porsche, sports car racing, Le Mans, Indy cars, and Formula 1