Cosmos Close-Up

By Giles Sparrow
Category : Non Fiction / Popular Science
Type : Hardback
Pages : 320

From our own planet Earth to the edge of the Universe, discover the wonders of the cosmos in stunning close-up. Cosmos Close-Up is a unique guide to the most awe-inspiring sights of the Universe in beautiful panoramas and in stunning close-up. With Giles Sparrow's expert commentary alongside over 300 of the very latest space images, Cosmos Close-Up is the most innovative and up-to-date guide to the drama and astonishing detail of our Universe.

Pattern 100 Fashion Designers 10 Curators

Category : Non Fiction / Fashion
Type : Hardback
Pages : 428

PATTERN is the follow-up to the 2005 Phaidon success SAMPLE, presenting 100 of the most creative fashion designers who have recently emerged internationally. Selected by 10 of the most respected figures in the field – a mixture of leading designers, stylists, editors, educators, bloggers and writers – it is a must-see catwalk in a book. Curator: Imran Amed (London/New York) is a fashion business writer, editor and entrepreneur, and is founder and editor of the website The Business of Fashion.

Artists Their Lives and Works

By Ross King
Category : Non Fiction / Art
Type : Hardback
Pages : 360

"Every good painter paints what he is." A fascinating and beautiful celebration of more than 80 great artists from the early Renaissance to the present day. Artists explores the enthralling stories of their lives, their loves, and their work.

Wide Angle National Geographic Greatest Places

By Ferdinand Protzman
Category : Non Fiction / Photography
Type : Hardback
Pages : 504

Each of the 260 brilliant photographs in this marvelous collection is unique. Some are alive with bright colors and sparkling highlights, others evoke softer, quieter moods in muted hues and subtle gradations. Where one summons a vast, still landscape that fades into distant silence, the next vibrates with the energy of a charging bull or an exuberant child at play. But whether they show us crowded city streets or empty wilderness, all of these arresting pictures share one compelling quality: a sure sense of place that pulls us into the frame and turns an image into an experience. Every great place has its own special spirit, and every photographer represented here exhibits a rare gift for capturing it. Encompassing all seven continents and more than a century of superb photography, their work does more than see, it perceives- and invites us to share the wonderful magic of discovery.

National Geographic Image Collection

By Maura Mulvihill
Category : Non Fiction / Photography
Type : Hardback
Pages : 512

"""THE WORLD AND ALL THAT'S IN IT""...declared a founding member of National Geographic when asked what the fledgling Society would explore. Pioneering photo technology and groundbreaking images would be its hallmark, yielding an archive of more than 11 million images collected over 120 years. Now, from one of the finest, most extensive photographic resources on Earth, comes the largest single volume of world-renowned National Geographic photographs ever published. Sweeping from the last decade of the 19th century to the first years of the 21st, this spectacular and fascinating book distills the visual quintessence of National Geographic into 450 arresting, often astonishing pictures. Documenting far-flung peoples and cultures, elusive wildlife, scientific accomplishments, and more, it is at once a vivid chronicle of National Geographic's own evolution, a concise history of photography, and a dazzling window on ""the world and all that's in it."

Fellini the Sixties

By Manoah Bowman
Category : Non Fiction / Performing Art
Type : Hardback
Pages : 304

Fellini: The Sixties is a stunning photographic journey through the director's most iconic films: La Dolce Vita, 8½, Juliet of the Spirits, and Fellini Satyricon. Carefully selected images from the Independent Visions photographic archive, many published here for the first time, illuminate these films as they have never been seen before, and reveal fascinating details of the director's working style and ebullient personality. With more than 150 photographs struck from original negatives, these images spring to life from the page with the depth and quality of the films themselves. Complemented with insightful essays from contemporary writers, Fellini: The Sixties is a true testament to the man and his work, a remarkable compendium of the legendary filmmaker's greatest achievements.