Shakti An Exploration of the Divine Feminine

By Nilima Chitgopekar
Category : Non Fiction / Religion
Type : Hardback
Pages : 392

"SHAKTI is an exploration of the many facets of the Goddess across time periods, regions, and cultures in the Indian subcontinent. It unravels Her forms, philosophy, belief systems, mythology, folktales, rituals, and customs. Packed with stunning images, this retelling of Her story presents the Goddess in all Her glory and complexities. ""SHAKTI is inspiring: an evocative and insightful book that is a fine guide to this beautiful part of the story of Hinduism and of India."" SHASHI THAROOR"

From the Films of Harry Potter The Wand Chooses the Wizard

By Margaret Green
Category : Gifting / Hobbies
Type : Hardback
Pages : 32

"Wands at the Ready! Whether you're a Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor or Slytherin, from an old wizarding family or new to the wizarding world, your magical journey usually begins at Ollivanders wand shop. In this spellbinding book, Harry Potter film, fans of all ages can explore Ollivanders and learn what makes a wand. Then take 1 wand for a spin as you read about the most magical moments from the Harry Potter films! The wand included activates seven different spell sounds recited by Harry Potter himself. Simply perform the proper wand motion, hold the wand over the spell you wish to use and tap the button. It's just like a magic!"

Woody Allen Film by Film

By Jason Solomons
Category : Non Fiction / Performing Arts
Type : Hardback
Pages : 256

Since he first vented his neuroses on the big screen in 1965, Woody Allen has enjoyed a career unlike any other writer or director in cinema. The impact of his comedy and his psychoanalysis of the modern world have been hugely influential and had a profound effect on popular culture. Woody Allen: Film by Film is written by leading film critic Jason Solomons and explores each one of the director's movies. It is the most complete illustrated analysis of Allen's work to date.

My First Hanuman Chalisa

By Chitwan Mittal
Category : Children / Story Book
Type : Hardback
Pages : 96

Hanuman is the ultimate superhero! His parents, Kesari and Anjani, prayed hard to have a child. Lord Shiva blessed them, and was born as their son. Vaju, the wind god, carried Shiva's special essence to Anjani. Hanuman is one of the heroes of the Ramayana, Lord Ram and his younger brother Lakshman, met Hanuman, while searching for Ram's wife, Sita. Hanuman flew across the ocean, to Lanka, to find her. He then helped Ram build a bridge to cross over to Lanka. Tulsidas wrote the Hanuman Chalisa more than 400 years ago. In this simple prayer, he captured the essence of Hanuman. He wrote it in Awadhi, an older form of Hindi. Even today, the Hanuman Chalisa remains a favourite prayer, the world over.

The Life of Krishna

By Sandhya Sridhar
Category : Children / Young Reader
Type : Paperback
Pages : 392

"Krishna is perhaps the most loved of the avataras of Lord Vishnu. The stories of Krishna are oft told, the narratives of his childhood delightful, as they deal with his acts of mischief and naughtiness. His evil uncle Kamsa haunts his childhood as he seeks to kill Krishna. In his later years, Krishna is at the heart of the Mahabharata war, at the start of which he delivers the Gitopadesa, revealing his Vishvarupa to Arjuna the Pandava. The tales of Krishna are many and one never tires of a retelling. This volume tells you the story of Krishna’s life from his birth to his passing, threading all the anecdotal stories that you have hitherto heard or read, in what makes for a complete narrative. Enjoy the read!"