Complete Calligraphy Kit

By Curdella Forbes
Category : Novelty / Art & Craft
Type : Box Pack

Complete Calligraphy is an informative and easy-to-follow guide to the beautiful art of lettering and handwriting. Follow the simple instructions to master classic alphabet scripts and learn how to modify these styles to produce an infinite range of stunning effects. Budding calligraphists will be crafting truly unique works including birthday cards, family documents, photo albums and more in no time!

Paint Your Own Mandala Stones

Category : Novelty / Hobbies
Type : Box Pack

Complete starter kit! Includes 4 large river stones, five acrylic paints, to find paintbrushes, five dotting tools and a 24 page book!

Self Care

Your Health and Wellness Kit (Elevate)

By Rachael Jorgensen
Category : Non Fiction / Self Help
Type : Box Pack

It’s time to put self care on the to-do list! Cultivating a self-care practice that fits into everyday life helps us cope with stress. This kit provides information on how to stop, take stock, and instil actions and habits that nurture ourselves. By attending to our needs, we can improve our mental and physical health, boost resilience and experience better relationships. Included are a 96-page book and 50 mindful-moment cards with tips and prompts to bring self care into your life.

Crystal Creations

Koala Love

Category : Novelty / Hobbies
Type : Box Pack

Anyone can let their creativity shine bright like a diamond with this dazzling kit. Super simple and highly rewarding, Hinkler's Crystal Creations kits are a fun mix of painting by numbers, cross-stitch and mosaics.

Curious Universe Kit

Making Machines

Category : Novelty / Hobbies
Type : Box Pack

Discover the science behing the amazing workings of robotsand machinery as you make your own completely operational trebuchet, create machines that really function, experiment with the science behind robotics & more! Perfect for inquiring young minds, the activities in this kit are fun and educational, providing a strong introduction to the wonders of science. By combining the items in this kit with common household objects, the Making Machines book shows science enthusiasts how to do super-exciting experiments, simply and safely, at home.

  • 10 Split pins
  • 1 Straw
  • 2 Wooden dowels
  • 4 Packets of air-dry clay
  • 3m Cotton string
  • 1 Bolt
  • 3 Nuts
  • 10 Washers
  • Cardboard pincer pieces
  • Cardboard trebuchet pieces
  • 24-page book